WTFrance?!- The French Journey at South Africa 2010.

It has been a catastrophic World Cup campaign for the French Squad and as they teeter on the brink of elimination, the question arises: What the F*#k has happened?!

Les Blues arrived at the World Cup a couple of weeks ago with something to prove to the world. They wanted to make it clear that their qualification had not been a fluke (which of course it was!) and that they were indeed capable of lifting the World Cup (which of course they’re not!). Needless to say, both of their goals are as yet unfulfilled and barring an impressive display against South Africa coupled with a sizeable defeat of Uruguay or Mexico at the hands of the other, it is likely that France will be sent packing.

Their entire World Cup campaign has been a complete disaster and it is flabbergasting to see such unprofessionalism from a national squad, especially considering it is full to the brim with star players who get paid by the millions as they ply their trade for some of the world’s biggest and richest European Clubs. I mean what the hell was Nicholas Anelka thinking when he called his coach a “dirty S.O.B.“? You don’t do that, not at this level at least. You just don’t. Not that what he said was wrong. Domenech has not been the best coach France has had, if you know what I mean. What type of coach chooses to propose to his girlfriend after his team has just been knocked out of the European Championships? Not a good one I must say.

The French barely scraped through the qualifying stages and needed an underhanded (pun intended) move from Theirry Henry in their play-off match against Ireland to secure their entry into South Africa 2010. Over the years Domenech has proved himself to be the worst person to coach France. Recent events have proven he does not have an ounce authority within the squad nor does he command the respect of his players. Why just yesterday Domenech held a press conference alone and stated that he wasn’t sure who he was going to name in his first eleven for todays match against South Africa as some of the squad did not want to play.

 Is this really how weak a coach he has become? A coach like Capello or even Dunga wouldn’t stand for such a mutiny from their own players. But then again, they dont’ have to deal with such problems as they have both the respect and admiration from their respective dressing rooms. Raymond Domenech however, does not. Regardless of what has happened, he is not the only one to blame. The French players have to take some responsibility themselves. Even with Anelka’s outburst and eventual expulsion from the squad they should not have taken such drastic measures as to refuse to train all together. It is indeed(as Domenech himself puts it) “unspeakably stupid”.

The players should understand that the weight of expectation of an entire nation rests upon their shoulders and they should at least have the decency to obey their coach (even if his actions are questionable) and carry on. Their captain Patrice Evra, for instance, should have been at the coach’s side yesterday as he delivered the press conference. FIFA are reportedly to launch an investigation into his absence and this is only going to add to the unwanted hullabaloo surrounding the French camp. 

 But what is done is done and sadly the past cannot be altered. All the French can do now is perform well in their final match against the hosts, South Africa and hope for some sort of result from the Mexico vs Uruguay game. This seems unlikely however as both teams know that even a goal-less draw will be enough to see them both through to the next round and as result I think neither will risk going for the win as they could be caught out on the counter and thus could be sent home if France beat South Africa by a certain amount of goals.

In conclusion, if France don’t get their act together by 4:00 PM (CAT ) today, it will be as Didier Drogba once so aptly said:

“It’s a disgrace, a F*#KING DISGRACE!”


Drogba Disgrace

Well said, mate. Well said.

 -Zain R. Mian

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  1. July 2nd, 2010

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