Spain- Champions Of Europe, Champions Of The World!

Spain IconLast night was an unbelievable day in the history Spanish football as La Furia Roja pipped The Dutch through a 116th minute Andres Iniesta strike to become World Champions. Two years ago, the Spaniards beat Germany in the Final of Euro 2008 to become European Champions. This time, in 2010, they went one step further and were crowned the Champions Of The World. Yesterday’s final was amazing and if it wasn’t for San Andres, it could very well have been decided by penalties. He however was not the only Spanish light that burned brightly throughout South Africa 2010. Many others in the Spanish squad laboured hard to reach the Final and their triumph in the World Cup could not have been possible without a collective team effort. Some honourable mentions include:

Xavi Hernandez

Xavi ClapWell, he may not be as charismatic as David Villa, as fast as David Silva or even as robust as Carles Puyol, but there is no doubt who has been one of Spain’s most important players in securing this World Cup. With 570 passes made and a completion reach of 85%, there is no doubt that Xavi Hernandez was the engine responsible for running a ruthless Spanish footballing machine. Xavi played the World Cup with amazing efficiency and  was seen travelling both forward and backwards throughout the tournament. No wonder this exceptional player from the city of Terrassa is known as the “Lungs” of his club side, Barcelona.


David Villa Sanchez

VillaSlideThe newly acquired Barcelona striker played amazingly well at the Finals and bagged 5 goals and the Silver Boot award in the process. Villa was key for Spain’s progression out of the group stage and also in key knockout clashes as he netted the winning goals against both Portugal and Paraguay. The only complaint he can have from this World Cup Campaign is that he was unable to score in the final two (and arguably most important) fixtures and as a result also missed out on a chance to win the Golden Boot. All in all though, his World Cup adventure has been a success and has earned El Guaje a special place in the hearts of many Spaniards.


Carles Puyol

PuyolCelebrationThe “Caveman” as they call him for his unique hairstyle was exceptional in this years World Cup and was the back-bone of Spain’s rock-solid defense that conceded a meagre 2 goals throughout the tournament. The stocky defender was instrumental in stopping the opposition from scoring and his partnership with Gerard Pique at the back has worked wonders for Spain. A robust, strong willed defender, Puyol was always back marshaling the defensive line and also scored that crucial goal against Germany that sent the Spaniards into the final. Thus, there is no doubt Puyol has been extremely important for Spain’s 2010 World Cup campaign. Let’s just hope he’s still around in 2014.


 Sergio Ramos

Sergio RamosFinally a Madrid player gets a mention!. Sergio Ramos was one of Spain’s outstanding performers at the World Cup and undoubtedly the best Right-Back at the Finals. He used his speed and strength to good effect both when he moved forward to assist the attack and also as he rushed back to prevent the opposition from scoring. It has been a truly special campaign for Ramos as he was key to Spain conceding only 2 goals throughout their 7 matches at the finals. The Seville born defender has always been an integral part of the Real Madrid first team and with his great showing in this World Cup he has underlined his importance for the national team as well.


Iker Casillas

Iker CasillasSan Iker was in inspirational form throughout this World Cup and showed his worth in the Final as he blocked off two close range shots from Arjen Robben to keep Spain in the game. The full value of those crucial two saves was actually known in the 116th minute as Andres Iniesta scored to give Spain the lead, and later, the win. The Spanish skipper was always on top of his game throughout the Finals as he led his team by example. The only low point of Casillas’ campaign at the World Cup could be the game against Switzerland in which he was blamed for allowing the Swiss to score.


Andres Iniesta

IniestaLast, but certainly not the least, we have Andres Iniesta. Don Andres was a neccessary part of Spain’s midfield and attack as not only did he lay the foundations for Spanish attacks but also flooded forward with either David Villa, Pedro or Fernando Torres in search of a Spanish goal. He bagged two goals in the competition; one against the Hondurans and the second, all-important goal in the Final, against the Netherlands. Iniesta is a proven performer and without his presence in the squad there is little doubt that becoming World Champions would have been far more difficult for the Spanish.


 There we have it. These players were crucial in Spain’s current World Cup Campaign and without them victory was unimaginable. Hopefully most(if not all!) will be around in 2014 as Spain defend their World Cup Crown in Brazil. For now though…

Congratulations to Spain- Champions Of Europe, Champions Of The World!

Spain Champions

-Zain R. Mian

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  1. July 16th, 2010

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