Zlatan ‘Unneeded’ovic- Should Ibrahimovic Leave Barcelona?

For quite some time now, there has been a dark cloud hovering over the Nou Camp in Barcelona. A cloud of uncertainty that surrounds the future of Zlatan Ibrahimovic at the club. Even though Ibra and his agent have consistently denied the possibility of a move away from the Nou Camp, rumors have refused to die down and with the passing of each day a move to Italy seems increasingly likely. But does a move away from the Blaugrana have to be a bad thing? Hit The Bar investigates:

This summer Barcelona signed one of the most prolific strikers of the modern game, David Villa. The Spanish forward is expected to grab the Pichichi award this season as fans are hoping he links up well with the team. This is something he has mastered at international level and hopes to replicate again for the club. This may well mean bad news for Zlatan though as he himself hasn’t exactly impressed in the Red and Blue this season.

Even though Guardiola has repeatedly stressed that he will play both Villa and Ibra’ together and El Guaje himself has said that he has no qualms about playing side-by-side with Zlatan, still a move away from the club may be the best option for him if he hopes to re-establish himself as a player. Since Barcelona don’t really need him in the truest sense of the word, he could well benefit from a transfer to another European Club.

Then there’s AC Milan, a prestigious club with an equally impressive history: With no less than seven Champions Leagues (inclusive of the old format) and seventeen Serie A titles to their credit Milan are undoubtedly one of the major players in Europe. What’s more, Milan actually want nay need Ibrahimovic in their ranks. The Rossoneri have been suffering from a prolonged slump for quite a long time and spectacularly crashed out of this season’s title race after coming within a couple of points of eventual Champions Inter.

Zlatan could be exactly what Milan need to partner with Alexander Pato upfront and bag them an excess of goals. The Swede will feel accustomed to the style of play in Serie A after his time with Inter and a return to Italy may just be the best option for him. But can Ibrahimovic be the catalyst Milan need to finally end their Serie A drought? Can he do the same for Milan as he did for their eternal rivals Inter?

Should he at least try?

I think Yes.              

-Zain R. Mian

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